To any organisation, start up or business; people is the paramount resource. We at our organisation aim to connect the right person with not only the skill to perform the job but also culturally fit for the company. Our team is made up of seasoned consultants with almost 8 years of experience in recruitment. Our objective is to always come up with innovative, cost effective means to ensure the companies we service have the best skills on their team.


We have a wide database of excellent candidates to choose from. Our services include but are not limited to:



We advertise on various portals which are prominent in the relevant or target country to ensure we access all the excellent skills there is to offer


Response handling

We understand that with each job advert comes thousands of relevant and mostly irrelevant applicants; we take the hassle of sifting through all applicants so that our clients only spend time on the relevant applications



Through a variety of means and tricks of the trade, we aim to find our clients the skills they need


Screening and pre-interviews

We interview and screen the candidate to ensure they meet all the requirements for the job


Arranging interviews

We take over the monotonous admin of arranging interviews and ensure everything runs smoothly and both our candidates and clients have all the information they require.


References and Verification Checks

We will ensure that references, security checks as well as qualification checks have been done on every successful candidate.



We present, negotiate and ensure offers are signed timeously within the client’s intended salary bracket and further assist the candidate with their resignation to ensure counter offers do not ruin the placement.




 We recruit in the following industries but not limited to:




Engineering and Construction

Oil n Gas



Housekeeping and Cleaning




Business Management and Consulting